Exploring Test Content is Smarter Than Ever

New updates to Smarter Content Explorer make it even easier to understand what’s being assessed on Smarter Balanced tests 

Smarter Content Explorer now helps educators better understand which tests assess specific learning targets, so they can select interim tests that measure precisely what they are teaching.  

Updated functionality also displays more detail about types of tests so teachers can administer the right test at the right time. It’s as easy as selecting a test! 

New Features! Learn how test items connect to academic standards.
VIDEO: Demo of New Smarter Content Explorer Features

Choose Your Own Test Content Adventure

The updated Smarter Content Explorer provides many ways to explore the content of Smarter Balanced tests. The path you choose depends on what you need to know. Here are a few examples: 

Do you want to understand exactly what students need to know when they take the different types of Smarter Balanced tests: summative, interim comprehensive assessment (ICA), interim assessment block (IAB), or focused interim assessment block (focused IAB)? 

Select Grade > Subject > Test > What’s on the Test to see what learning targets are assessed by that test. 

Do you need to find a test that assesses a specific learning target (or set of standards) and is aligned with your curriculum? 
Select Grade > Subject > Claim > Target (or Standard) > Results > More > Test to view summative and interim tests that assess this target. (Tip: you can also see a sample item for this target that you can use with your students!) 

Do you want a deeper understanding of the targets and what students should be able to demonstrate at different achievement levels? Or perhaps you would like to review task models that are templates for how a test item should be written so that a student can show mastery of skills and understanding?  

Select Grade > Subject > Claim > Target (or Standard) > Results > More > and scroll down or use the horizontal jump menu to explore detailed topics. 

How Smarter Content Explorer Supports Teaching and Learning 

This year, more than ever, learning checks will be a helpful tool in pinpointing where students are in their learning. Smarter Content Explorer can help teachers know which interim assessment is right for their learning progression.  

Understanding the content assessed by Smarter Balanced tests at a deeper level can help teachers align instruction to state standards more effectively, so students learn on pace and meet grade-level expectations.  

Start exploring test content today at contentexplorer.smarterbalanced.org.

Coming Soon! 38 New Focused Interim Assessment Blocks

During summer 2021, Smarter Balanced will release 38 new focused Interim Assessment Blocks (focused IABs) giving teachers even more resources for checking learning and planning instruction. Updates to Smarter Content Explorer allow educators to explore the details of all 118, fully accessible, focused IABs. 

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