Improving Teaching and Learning

Smarter Balanced is committed to providing teachers with high-quality tools and resources to prepare students—regardless of background or ability—for successful, productive futures and choices after high school.

Smarter Balanced is committed to supporting students by providing teachers with high-quality, standards-aligned resources. By providing teachers with what they need, they can better support the diverse needs of their students to help them meet their learning goals.



How Our System is Different

A member-led organization that works with educators to develop a high-quality, comprehensive assessment system designed to enhance instructional practice and improve student learning.

Unmatched accessibility features that support the diverse needs of students to help them better demonstrate their knowledge and skills in English language arts/literacy and math.

Easy-to-use tools, lessons and resources that are aligned to standards to help teachers implement formative assessment teaching practices to improve student learning.

Our History of Collaboration

Since the beginning, Smarter Balanced has worked closely with our state members and teachers to provide them with high-quality assessments and tools to prepare students for successful, productive futures. Learn more about how Smarter Balanced has developed an advanced, accessible assessment system.

Photo of a group of educators and state leaders.

Power of Partnerships

Smarter Balanced is a collaboration of K-12 and higher education leaders and educators working to develop a cost-effective assessment system. Explore how partnering with Smarter Balanced supports teachers, student learning and creates resource-sharing opportunities for states.

Leading Innovative Assessment Design

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

During a yearlong process, Smarter Balanced members identified opportunities to maintain the quality of the assessment system while also looking to innovate and evolve in response to a changing education landscape. These insights informed the development of the Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

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A Balanced Assessment System

Describes the three components of the Smarter Balanced System and includes key talking points about Smarter Balanced.

Strategic Plan at a Glance

Provides a one-page summary of Strategic Plan goals and strategies.