Informing Instruction with Smarter Reporting

The Smarter Reporting System is an interactive reporting platform that connects assessment and instructional resources in one place.

Illustration drawing of a woman looking at a computer screen and using a mouse to navigate.
Smarter Reporting logo.
The reporting system is easy to navigate, fully accessible, and has several built-in user supports.
Throughout the reporting system, popups are available to provide an explanation of performance or achievement levels, category descriptions, and details of each type of score report.
Reports provide aggregate score data at the state, district, school, and grade level and can be viewed onscreen or downloaded as CSV files.
Screenshot from the Smarter Balanced CERS Sandbox site.

Explore the Reporting System

See a demonstration of how the Reporting System works by using the Smarter Reporting Sandbox, a non-secure training and demo site. Choose the role of role of teacher, school administrator or district administrator.

Understanding the Smarter Balanced Reporting System for Educators

The Smarter Balanced Reporting System can be used by educators to view assessment data and access instructional supports to inform next steps to support student learning.