Testing Technology

A core feature of Smarter Balanced assessments is that they are customized for each student for a more accurate measurement for every student.

Icon illustration of a desktop computer with browsers opened on the screen and a mouse sitting next to the keyboard.

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

To accomplish this, the computer-based test adjusts the difficulty of questions throughout the assessment based on the student’s response. If a student answers a question correctly, the next question will be harder; if a student answers incorrectly, the next question will be easier. This system is called computer adaptive testing, and it is part of the summative (end-of-year) assessments.

Test-Taking Devices

Smarter Balanced requires that testing devices meet certain minimum requirements and that they run in an approved secure browser. The official Smarter Balanced policy regarding testing devices is encompassed in the Student Device and Secure Browser Requirements, which provides information on universal requirements, the current list of approved secure browsers and corresponding devices, and a list of sunset dates after which certain operating system versions will not be supported.

Guide To Technology Readiness

This guide is intended to help school leaders better understand, plan for, and manage the technology necessary for successful administration of Smarter Balanced assessments.