Nevada Superintendent: Smarter Balanced System ‘Helps Us Identify Opportunity Gaps’

Commentary: Equity is only possible with quality information

Jhone Ebert, State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Nevada, shared in a new K12 Dive commentary how her state uses the Smarter Balanced system of tools and resources to inform their pursuit of equitable, quality education for all students. 

Jhone Ebert is the superintendent of public instruction for the Nevada Department of Education.
Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction Jhone Ebert
Photo Credit: Milken Family Foundation

Ebert wrote, “Indeed, equity is the cornerstone of Nevada’s strategic plan for education; we are focused on seizing this moment of change to build an equitable education system that is fully inclusive of every student and family. … A critical piece of this puzzle is using data to support student success, including our assessment system. Measuring student progress ensures each learner has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills”

She added, “the tools and resources integrated with the Smarter Balanced assessments we administer to Nevada’s 3rd- through 8th-grade students help us identify opportunity gaps. We say opportunity gaps rather than achievement gaps, because we need to recognize that all students can achieve when provided the right foundation.”

Read the full commentary at K12 Dive.

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